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Dreams Really Do Come True

Earlier this year I mentioned that my boyfriend was making a HUGE dream of mine come true by taking me to Chicago this year for my very first trip.  I’ve tried several times to make it to Chicago, specifically to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs play, and was never successful in making it happen myself.  In August we stepped foot in Chicago and I officially declared my boyfriend the most awesomely (yes, I’m making it a word for the moment) amazing man alive.


For one week we got to enjoy all that Chicago could offer us at my pace.  We visited museums, went sight-seeing, caught a show, saw some of my Florida friends who now reside in the windy city and of course went to Wrigley.  Now I always imagined that I would be a bit overwhelmed when I finally got to see Wrigley.  I envisioned myself just standing there staring at the marquee unable to move any further.  What I didn’t ever picture is what actually happened.

Prior to the game we had tickets to I insisted that we not even go near Wrigley as I wanted to see it for the very first time at my very first game.  My boyfriend totally understood and agreed so we made plans to stay on the other side of town when we first arrived.  On game day, dressed in my customized jersey he gave me for my birthday, we boarded the train and rode down to Wrigleyville.  When the doors opened at our stop it took all my strength to not bolt off of the train like a kid set loose in a candy store.  I managed to calmly make my way out of the station and down the street and then I turned the corner and saw I; that beautiful bright red and white sign was lit for the game in all of its glory.

That’s when it happened.  The action that I never expected began.  Matt turned away for just a moment to get the camera and capture my first reaction to seeing Wrigley but when he turned around and witnessed my reaction he just looked at me in complete disbelief.  There I was, standing there looking at the marquee and crying…over a baseball stadium!  Who would have guessed it?  He was so shocked he chucked a little and gave me a hug instead of taking the photo.  I never envisioned a stadium bringing me to tears, but those were just the first of many tearful moments of joy that day.


The ballpark was beautiful, my first hotdog at a game couldn’t have been more perfect, and everything was better than I ever could have planned it to be myself.  A few days later we went back for the tour and realized that next time it doesn’t matter where we sit as every seat has an amazing view.  It took me many years to get there, but it was so worth the wait.  Before we even left the city we made our plans to return 2 months later while traveling up north for a friend’s wedding.  We’ve definitely fallen in love with Chicago and even found a place that we became “regulars” at.  The best part of the vacation was coming home and knowing that the vacation was paid for before we left!  This is the first time I’ve traveled with such a compatible travel partner.

We did decide to put all of our meals on one of my credit cards, so that we could earn the points for what we spent, and now that our new iPhones are one order it is nice to know one will be free because of this decision.  The photos have all been downloaded on our computers, the meals were paid off as soon as we returned and we would do it all over again if we could…oh wait, we did!



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