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Part 1

What a busy blog hiatus this has been. For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, I recently left the world of theme parks and transitioned to another area of hospitality. After 8 years within the theme park industry this change has meant learning a lot of new ways to do things. I’m enjoying the challenge of learning new items and it has been exciting to learn a new subset of the industry. Of course it has also given me the chance to work with other departments that are predominately women, so that has been an interesting change as well. I’m sure I’ll learn some more from them over my time here.

About the time that I was interviewing for my new position I also admitted defeat to my doctor and told him he had to finally find out what was going on with my health. For those of you who haven’t been completely in the loop I’ll fill you in a little. Growing up I’ve always had weird instances of health issues. As a young child I had some unidentified virus that landed me in the hospital for several days. During my teenage years I had a habit of passing out at any given moment with little notice. Then came the very contagious stomach flu that one of my dance students was so kind to share with me. Okay that one wasn’t weird but it was a good transition into the next item on the list.

Next up was my infamous double case of Mono. During my years at the “mouse house” I came in contact with an insane number of people each day. I contracted Mono from a guest, it is a funny story actually that involves and adorable child and a French toast stick, and was told that once I managed to get through it there would be no chance of me catching it again. I contracted it during my Senior year of college while taking 21 credit hours per semester in an effort to get to work in the real world. Needless to say it slowed me down and made it quite hard to push through my school and work schedule, but I did so and all without taking time off to let myself rest. I know, it probably wasn’t the best tactic but I am a stubborn individual so what can I say.

Now doctors say that once you get Mono it is always in your system, however it becomes dormant. They also say that it is like chicken pox and a person won’t get it more than once. They were only 1/2 right about all of this. It is in your system forever, but in some rare cases it rears its head again and you end up with the full blown symptoms more than once. Hence, not quite like chicken pox. It didn’t surprise me when they said that I had it again or that it was rare for that to happen. After all, if something is odd, unknown or rare then there is a good chance I’ll experience it.

To be continued…



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