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My Mother; The Blogging “Expert”

Acquiring blog readers is hard.  Simple as that.  At times, the vast technological universe that many of us partake in can make it difficult to attract those that are the target audience you are searching for.  However, that involves you actively trying to attract an audience.  When I started this blog back in January of 2011 it was for me to share experiences that were taking place at work, at home and within my day-to-day structure.  I’ve blogged about my divorce, my job changes, working with other managers, fashion, sewing, dating, dancing, running and living with Fibromyalgia just to name a few of the most popular topics.

I started the blog as a way for me to get things off my chest that I wasn’t able to openly talk about until people started mentioning my blog.  Placing links to my blog on my personal Facebook was a way for me to share with my friends and family what I was going though.  During my marriage I lost touch with many people and have been trying to rebuild those relationships ever since.  I thought that maybe if people had an opportunity to see all the pandemonium that was going on in my brain they would understand what had been going on when we lost touch.

Outside of my circle of friends it never occurred to me that there might be others out there that are interested in hearing about my sewing projects or management techniques.  Who knew that my stories of being a 21st Century Gal would be that interesting to others?  Oh yes, that’s right…my mother!  Even at 29 it is still hard to admit that my mother is almost always right.  See what I did there with the “almost” part?  I’m sure there is something out there she might not be right about; such as biomechanical engineering or space travel.

It was my mother who started blogging before me and has shared her tips and tricks, so I guess I haven’t acquired these readers all on my own.  I might make management sound amusing, but you should see what my mom can do with the topic of cancer.  Never thought I could be laughing about cancer, but that’s how things work under her roof.  Anything and everything has the potential of being funny.  I’ll tell you what, it is rough knowing that as a teenager but quite amusing when you finally grow up and realize your parents aren’t as uncool as you once thought.

Thanks mom for sharing yet another life lesson with me.  Check out her blog, The World According to Alexandra, if you’re looking for a good laugh.  She even makes bodily functions funny instead of shamefully disgusting.  Thank you to my readers who stop back regularly.  For those of you who are just lurkers I invite you to subscribe to my blog and stick around for a bit.  There are some big changes on the horizon and I can be you won’t want to miss out on them.



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Those Were The Days

After a rather rough day at work recently I called my mom on the way home and as soon as she picked up the phone I blurted out something similar to the following:  “Remember when my most challenging decision of the day was whether to eat the cinnamon pop tart or the smores pop tart?  Ya, I miss those days?”  Mom just laughed and told me it would all be alright.

I do miss those days.  In retrospect I now realize how things were so simple.  Now I face decisions that are much more stressful and can throw my whole world for a loop.  In March we started looking at homes to purchase.  Oh, now that’s stressful!  I’ve never had problems saying yes to a rental, but a home for purchase is a whole different story.  Then there is the daily stress of work and the stress of trying to keep up with friends as our schedules all keep getting busier.

ImageRunning is nice and peaceful, but I’ll admit that even that causes some stress in my life.  When I think about how much time I’ll need to run a few days a week then I realize how that is time that I’m not spending cleaning the house, cooking dinner or making sure Coda is getting attention.  Things were easier when decisions revolved around overly sugared breakfast choices and I’m not ashamed to admit I wish that it could all be that easy again.

I’ve let myself keep getting sucked back into a stressful state and it’s time to do something about it.  I can’t do anything about how long the home buying process will take, so it’s time to stop worrying about it.  We’ll get the house if it is meant to be or we won’t and we’ll go back to looking.  I’m putting everything in the hands of fate.  I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason, so now it is time to stop worrying about what happens before I lose my sanity.

Instead I’m going to take on some more peaceful DIY crafting projects to distract myself.  With the coupons I used on my last projects I paid only about a third of what I would have paid to buy the dresses.  That seems totally worth the time and effort to me.  Looks like it is time to search the pattern catalogs to see what will be my next targeted creation.  The infinity dress was so easy I feel like nothing can stop me now.  That was the perfect project to get me back into the swing of things.  I’ll post pictures soon of the second dress I wore just recently to a more formal function.

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Ever Heard Of Good Ol’ Exercise?

I don’t mean to be crass, but the trends for dieting are getting out of hand.  Most of the options that have come to light can barely be considered “dieting” as I equate that with sweating from exercise and following a healthy eating plan.  Now you don’t have to do either of those.

On the radio this morning they were talking about a new diet fad that is crossing the pond from Europe and happening right here in my own state.  Then I get to work and I see a link to articles about it when I open up my web browser. A quick search later and I find that TIME’s online magazine, The New York Times, ABC and Fox News are all covering this breaking news story.  SERIOUSLY?!?!  After being in disbelief, I can think of a handful of other ladies sitting in the cubicles around me that would totally be filling out a $1,500 check to make this happen ASAP.

ImageIt’s called the KE Diet or the “feeding tube diet.”  Oh yes, you read that right.  It is being marketed directly to brides as a way to lose 20 pounds in 10 days.  Sounds so simple.  All you have to do is walk around with feeding tubes shoved up your nasal cavity and down into your stomach that continually pump protein-only liquid meal replacements into your belly 24 hours a day for 10 days.  I’ll tell you what, who wouldn’t want to look at their soon-to-be bride with those nasal tubes just a few weeks before their wedding nuptials?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  How about hitting the gym and creating healthy living habits for your future instead of tricking your body into shedding the pounds.

Check out the video and let me know if I’m the only one who is finding this to be crazy.  I know not everyone is a fan of running, swimming, dancing, playing sports or just plain going to the gym.  I can recognize that fact.  To be honest, most days I’m not a fan of running until I get out there and am in the midst of doing it and can leave all of the stress of my day behind me and just enjoy myself.  I do it because I know that I have to for my health and that each day is more manageable for my Fibromyalgia if I just keep moving.

Will you be one of the first in line at the South Florida office for the KE Diet?  If not, what do you do to keep your healthy lifestyle going?


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Let Your White Flag Fly Proudly

It seems like most work locations are trying to keep up with the “do more with much less” outlook on business by delegating much more to each worker.  How do you keep up with your workload?  It’s a hard question to tackle.  I’ve watched many of my friends with a strict work ethic face this recently and it is time to admit that I’m facing this situation as well.  For those with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working through their pregnancy, I will say I have the utmost respect for your drive.  You continue handling your job while trying to not slow down in the least.  For others who I’ve watched battle medical issues that are slowly tearing them down, more power to you for refusing to let it win and keep you from the job you love.

It is difficult to speak up and say that you need assistance when you have a fast paced job.  It’s even harder when needing assistance is due to your battle with a health problem.  Delegating tasks, that you don’t want to give up but have no choice, can be a tough decision to make.  Now I understand where many of you are coming from.  I appreciate that I was a part of your process along the way.  Now, it is helping me make decisions about how to handle my job.

Whether you’re overwhelmed and over stressed or just needing to take a step back for the sake of your health, there is a point at which you need to voice your concerns.  It has taken me a long time to figure out that I wasn’t admitting weakness by saying, “I’ve taken on too much.”   In my pursuit to please those around me, I have learned that it is seen as a sign of diligence and is respected if you can handle the situation with class.  However, learning how to handle it can be the true challenge.

I think it depends on your employer, but I’ve found that expressing your concerns to the correct person above you can get the ball rolling.  Make sure your concerns are concise and that they don’t include any whining.  If you’ve taken on too much then there is no shame in admitting it.  Just remember that you’re bringing these details forward because you want to make sure that you continue to produce top quality products and you’re worried that the immense workload is going to reduce your level of quality.  You’ll be showing your upper management your professionalism and respect for the company if you can express your concerns correctly.  It’s time to waive your white flag, so be brave and take the first steps out towards regaining control over your sanity and/or health.


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Would I Rather Be A Pickle Jar Opener?

I direct this towards other professional women in their late 20’s and early 30’s, as I know I cannot be the only one feeling this strain.  Why is there not enough time to do everything we feel we need to accomplish?  Think about it; from our undergraduate graduation date we have approximately 8 – 9 years to obtain a job, move up the ladder as quickly as we can, be a dedicated worker so that before we are 30 we can achieve a high level of success.  This is all so that we can relax a bit and have children, as our career is secure.  Two things are wrong with this: 1.) We see having children as being a “relaxing” option as compared to how hard we work in the workforce and 2.) We are trying to achieve a lifetime of career success in under a decade so that we can stay equal to our male counterparts.

Ordinarily I am not the kind of gal to walk around with picket signs touting women’s inequality, however this is something that has driven me to speak up.  I am finding I am one of many women who hope to be married and able to have a child around the 30-year mark in her life.  I am also finding I am one of many with parents who brought us into the world during their early 30’s or at younger ages and now, keep saying there is no rush to have children.  Maybe all the crazy studies doctors are doing about women having children from 30 years old and upward don’t frighten our parents because we are already here and there is no need for them to be frightened by these reports.  However, my friends and I find ourselves feeling very different about this.

It seems every day that the risk of giving birth each year past 30 keeps rising.  Brain damage, rare diseases, muscular irregularities, and organ deformation are all topics of threats for children born each year a woman waits after 35 to have children.  However, if you are planning on having more than just one child, the only way to give birth to all your future offspring before hitting the magic number of 35 is to (for lack of a better phrase) squeeze them out almost back-to-back from the day you turn 30.  This is WAY too much pressure.  Oh, did I mention how much time that means a woman will have to step away from her career if she wants to not have her children raised in a daycare or by strangers?

This brings me back to my earlier point.  Now can you see why I say women have between 8 and 9 years to achieve almost a lifetime of workforce success before it is time to focus on family?  Why isn’t this information handed to us in some kind of a “Women’s Handbook for World Domination.”  Why do we have to stumble across it when we are reaching our late 20’s and only have a few years left to put all the pieces into place?  This is clearly one of those important topics I should have been brainwashed with at an earlier age.

While you run around trying to make everything happen while looking cool, calm and collected, try not to look at your male counterpart with such disdain because you know he has plenty of time to achieve all his desires.  After all, it isn’t his fault he ended up male.  Without his half of the species we wouldn’t be able to have children, more women would have to learn how to change their own oil, and some of us would never be able to eat another pickle again as those pesky jars can be impossible to open at times.  Although it seems at times as if being a pickle jar opening male would be easier, I like the challenges that each day brings.

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