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Dear Sweet Tomatoes,

Everyone has a restaurant story.  Usually they are related to the service, the food, or the location.  However, this one is related to the restaurant’s layout.  Okay Sweet Tomatoes of Lake Buena Vista, Florida, I have a bone to pick with you.  I love your salad, soup and potato bar.  I do not love your row of booth seats that have a view of the men’s urinals every time the door swings open.  Although I love the vast number of choices your restaurant gives me, I don’t think I need an option of being able to see right into the men’s bathroom while I sit to eat.

Ever since a colleague of mine pointing it out during a lunch meeting, all I think about when arriving at Sweet Tomatoes is that I don’t want to get stuck at any of those seats that come with the extended floor show.  I know that this restaurant is a chain and that they probably had a plan when they laid out their seating.  With that being said, I have two questions: 1.) Is someone higher up on the food chain aware of this situation? and 2.) Since this is a chain, are the other restaurants laid out in this same manner?

I will stay a loyal customer who enjoys your fresh food choices, but I would appreciate it Sweet Tomatoes if you would rethink this situation.  Thanks for the option of the added floorshow, but I think I speak for everyone when I say, “thanks, but no thanks!”  If you want to add some entertainment then I think we can think of something that is a little more family friendly then your current peep show.  Thank you for listening.  That is all.


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