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Alright Pooch, Cough Up The Goods

I just don’t know how much longer I can contain myself.  Someone is going to have to tie me to a chair soon because all I want to do is run up the side of a mountain and scream to all the women in the country “RACER BACK BRAS WERE INVENTED FOR A REASON!”  Whew!  I feel so much better now.  That’s been a long time coming.

Working in hospitality, I see some very interesting fashion statements each day.  The one that drives me the most insane is women wearing trendy racer back tank tops with a regular bra.  Come on, ladies!  Did you not turn around when you were checking your outfit in the mirror?  For many years I used the fashion in the park to indicate to me when others thought it to be officially “summer.”  However, I have found I can’t even focus on that fun game any more because of all the bra straps I see blatantly displayed.  I can no longer enjoy watching the Brazilian tour groups migration from Spandex pants to bike shorts because I want to run up to each of the U.S. and United Kingdom tourists and remind the ladies that bras are designed to be an undergarment.

The whole theory of a bra is that it should keep our ta-tas right where we want them, without being seen doing the job.  However, now I am seeing bras hanging out of the back of tank tops each day.  Even if you are on a budget, there are solutions to convert a standard bra into a racer back and yet ladies are neglecting to actually use them.  I don’t understand this fashion trend.  The fact is that if you walk into Victoria’s Secret, you can easily pick up a bra that now has FIVE different ways to wear it, yet I don’t see other ladies taking advantage of that feature.

That being said, as much as I love my dog, I am ready to set her free after she sunk her lovely teeth into a $75 clear strapped convertible bra that I saved up for months to purchase.  I wear it with summer dresses, those trendy racer back tanks and a million other things.  She thought it would be amusing to shred the clear straps.  At first I had hope that the bra could still be saved as I know those straps are replaceable.  However, upon further inspection I realized that the only part of the actual bra she decided to destroy was the back around the clasps.  Leave it up to my smarty pants pooch to destroy any chance of saving the whole bra in as few chews as possible.

While I continue looking for a replacement, hopefully one that is a bit less expensive, I am urging others of you to consider this as a much more tasteful option to go with all your adorable outfits that neglect covering a standard bra.  There are options.  Use a twist tie! Don’t be afraid.  Embrace displaying your outfits and not your undergarments.  At the very least, you’ll make my mother proud.


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