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18 Months Later I’m Out On My Own


It’s been a fun ride, but it’s time to move on to my own self-hosted blog.  I appreciate you giving me the confidence to branch out on my own.  You’ll notice that I’m still working with you in a small way so it’s like things never changed.  This isn’t good-bye, but instead the start of a new endeavor together.  We’ll continue to see each other often and blog together at 21st Century Gal.  You’ve been a great friend and I’m looking forward to the next adventure!

Enthusiastically yours,





Stop by the new blog and be sure to subscribe to it as that is where all the new postings will be.



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Those Were The Days

After a rather rough day at work recently I called my mom on the way home and as soon as she picked up the phone I blurted out something similar to the following:  “Remember when my most challenging decision of the day was whether to eat the cinnamon pop tart or the smores pop tart?  Ya, I miss those days?”  Mom just laughed and told me it would all be alright.

I do miss those days.  In retrospect I now realize how things were so simple.  Now I face decisions that are much more stressful and can throw my whole world for a loop.  In March we started looking at homes to purchase.  Oh, now that’s stressful!  I’ve never had problems saying yes to a rental, but a home for purchase is a whole different story.  Then there is the daily stress of work and the stress of trying to keep up with friends as our schedules all keep getting busier.

ImageRunning is nice and peaceful, but I’ll admit that even that causes some stress in my life.  When I think about how much time I’ll need to run a few days a week then I realize how that is time that I’m not spending cleaning the house, cooking dinner or making sure Coda is getting attention.  Things were easier when decisions revolved around overly sugared breakfast choices and I’m not ashamed to admit I wish that it could all be that easy again.

I’ve let myself keep getting sucked back into a stressful state and it’s time to do something about it.  I can’t do anything about how long the home buying process will take, so it’s time to stop worrying about it.  We’ll get the house if it is meant to be or we won’t and we’ll go back to looking.  I’m putting everything in the hands of fate.  I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason, so now it is time to stop worrying about what happens before I lose my sanity.

Instead I’m going to take on some more peaceful DIY crafting projects to distract myself.  With the coupons I used on my last projects I paid only about a third of what I would have paid to buy the dresses.  That seems totally worth the time and effort to me.  Looks like it is time to search the pattern catalogs to see what will be my next targeted creation.  The infinity dress was so easy I feel like nothing can stop me now.  That was the perfect project to get me back into the swing of things.  I’ll post pictures soon of the second dress I wore just recently to a more formal function.

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I’m The First To Admit I Have A Problem

I think I’m addicted. Yes, I’ll be open and admit I have a problem. I often think about it when I’m at home by myself and have trouble shaking it out of my mind. HGTV and the DIY stations are taking over my life! My name is Alexis and I’m a home improvement show junkie. Whew, I feel better.

I can’t get enough of Yard Crashers and House Crashers. A few weeks ago my wonderful boyfriend went off to work for an 11 hour day of work and for 8 of those 11 hours I watched home improvement shows. That left me only three hours to tackle all of the chores I had planned to do that day and turned our home into an Olympic house cleaning sport. I can’t seem to watch just one episode. One becomes two, which becomes three and the next thing I know eight hours have gone by.

I have so many ideas about what we could do with our future home that I don’t even know where to start. I’ve constructed and reconstructed my plans for each room. There are too many options! The good news is that we won’t have the money to make any big improvements any time soon, so maybe by then I’ll narrow down all of my ideas. However, I get the feeling that once I merge them with Matt’s ideas we’ll never be able to decide what to do.

Recently, at about mile 3 of our 6 mile run Matt admitted that he got sucked into watching home improvement shows on his day off and I started to feel a little less guilty. That was until he started telling me about all the cool renovations he saw and then the list of options just continued to grow. By mile 4 all of the episodes were starting to blur together, but it was one awesome idea after another. Just once I need to see an episode where they demo the house and in the end are completely unable to put it all back together. I think that is what it would take to break my addiction. If they didn’t make it all look so easy I wouldn’t even think all these home improvement projects were obtainable.

I need to see them put in a fire pit and accidentally blow up the whole back yard. I would settle for them installing a new waterfall of shower faucets and flood the whole downstairs of the house. Maybe even something as simple as a new countertop installation in a kitchen that accidentally rips apart the cabinets below. Otherwise, my only option is going to be to disconnect our cable as it appears that my addiction has slowly become Matt’s. Hide the power tools or we’ll be in trouble!

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A 21st Century Approach to Human Resources

I am thankful that I have a job.  Really I am.  I am watching people I love trying to find a job and seeing the struggle of participating in the process without having current employment.  However, I still find myself frustrated with the fact that my one year anniversary with my current company is 2 days away and that will also mark my ten month anniversary of looking for a job that gets me back to where my passion remains.  After about two months in my current position I realized that the gripes of the last employee here were less based on his bitterness for being fired, but more accurately based upon the lacking structure coming from our superior.  If only I realized that before I accepted the job.  C’est la vie.  I can’t turn back the clock so I’ve been trying to keep looking towards the future.

After ten months of in-depth searching, I’m starting to realize that it’s less of whether I am actually equipped to do the jobs that I’m applying for and more about beating the computer that scans my resume before it makes it to an actual human.  If you background is in something clear-cut such as accounting then I would think it would be easier to guess the key words you need within your resume to get past the scan.  However, if your pursuing  job in entertainment with a vast and varied background then guessing which are the most important key words is like flipping through the dictionary and randomly stopping on any given word.

I’m exhausted from trying to play the word game and beat the scanning systems.  What happened to the days when you could talk to actual people and put your resume in their hand?  I’m applying for jobs in the arts and entertainment which most will agree is an outgoing industry based upon talent and creativity.  With that being said, it just boggles my mind how in such a creative industry I’m given one opportunity to submit a very structured and rigid resume of my background and ruled out based upon that before I’m given the chance to demonstrate my actual talents.  Just for fun I decided to submit a resume that was more creative than my normal one and yet included all the same information.  I formatted it slightly different, changed the font and reorganized the order of items listed.  By no shock of my own it was returned to me with a denial email faster than my traditional resume.

Here I sit, frustrated and creatively stifled awaiting a company to take a chance on me so that I can once again surpass their expectations.  Since most places won’t let you even drop things off in person any more I’ve given up on the idea of sneaking into a decision maker’s office and performing a grand performance of my qualifications.  Therefore, I’m going to attempt what my loved one did on her blog since it caused a small stir within her job search…

Good afternoon internet visitors!  I’m well educated in two very different, and yet very similar, industries in a standard higher educated sense as well as with many years of hands on experience.  The flexibility and adaptability skills I possess are only surpassed by my dedication to creatively inspire others to action to get to common goals with a little style along the way.  Give me the chance to bring my talents to your company and I promise to exceed any projections you set for me while keeping a smile on my face all the while.  My creativity is screaming to be let loose from its current cubicle and I would like to put it to work for you instead of the HR computer scanner that won’t let me get through to you.  Therefore, for your viewing pleasure and random perusal you’ll find my complete resume below.


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The Mother’s Day Flower & Garden Tradition Continues

Back during my days at the “mouse house” I started a tradition with my mom for Mother’s Day.  Each year we would go to the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival to catch up, see the flowers, and enjoy lunch together.  This tradition continued every year until last year.  Right around Mother’s Day last year I found out that I would be changing jobs and desperately needed a full work attire over haul.  For the first time ever we broke our streak and spend Mother’s Day of 2011 being true girls and shopping for dresses, suit jackets, new heels and all kinds of accessories.  Now in 2012 the Flower & Garden tradition continued with a few alterations.

This year the part grew from 2 to 4 as Matt and his mother joined us.  We had a lovely Mother’s Day brunch before getting to the park, so it was totally appropriate to kick off the in-park festivities with a Mother’s Day margarita!

Now that is some Mother – Daughter bonding at it’s finest!  We decided before getting to the park that day that in order to truly be good kids we needed to introduce our Mom’s to Mexico’s tequila bar so it was our first stop of the afternoon.

I would say that the Mom’s approved.  We sipped our beverages, enjoyed the cool air conditioning and laughed it up before heading out to see the rest that the festival had to offer for the day.

It was a cloudy day, but the rain held off and the weather provided us plenty of shade so no one got burnt.  Luckily it wasn’t as crowded as it was in past year’s.  We still got to go into the expo and it was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Bonsai trees before Matt’s mom got her very first one for an anniversary gift.  The Bonsai club gave her all kinds of thorough information to help her in her selection of the perfect one a few days later.

Being there earlier in the day gave me an opportunity to finally get Matt to see one of the Voice of Liberty shows.  He’s only had the pleasure of seeing them during the holidays when they participate in other shows, so it was cool to take him to the American Adventure so that he could see them in their normal daily action.

It was a terrific way to bring the tradition back and I’m glad that we all had such a good time together.  Not sure how you beat Mother’s Day margaritas, but Father’s Day is just around the corner so we better start brainstorming.


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It’s A Photo Finish!

The photos are in just in time for us to prepare for the next challenge.  Crossing the finish line at our first half marathon was an amazing experience, but now we’ve got a new challenge ahead of us.  For my birthday my amazing boyfriend surprised me with entries for us to run in the Expedition Everest Challenge in May and the Tower of Terror 10 Miler in September.  It looks as if 2012 might possibly be the start of new running traditions for us.

Since I had problems with my knee during the half marathon, and we think it may have been due to over training, I am preparing for the upcoming Challenge in May by only running a 5K three times a week.  I’m really looking forward to this event since it combines a 5K with a scavenger hunt inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom after the close of the park.  The Tower of Terror 10 Miler in September should be exciting as well…as long as no one makes me ride the Tower of Terror as part of it.  Let’s just say that ride and myself have decided it would be best if we agree to disagree.

I digress.  Back to the fun!  I’m excited that the photos and videos finally arrived.  Although my mom did a great job of capturing the action that she could, the person who decided to jump for joy in front of her kind of added to a reduced number of usable photos in the end.  It was exciting to also get videos of us coming down the castle ramp and across the finish line.  I hope you all enjoy getting to be a part of the journey!


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Ready…Set…D.W.A.R.F.F. Awareness!

Today was the day ladies and gentlemen.  Oh yes, we got up at 4:15 AM and prepared for the trek that was ahead.  “What trek?” you might be asking.  Well, as I mentioned in a blog post late last year, Matt and I agreed to take on our first 5K together and this morning was an amazing experience.  It was on my 25st birthday that I ran my very first 5K after losing a bet.  I ran it alone and although it was an interesting first experience I wasn’t motivated to do another one any time soon.  Until now!

We rolled out of bed at an unnatural hour, but managed to pull it together and get to Disney in time for the Family Fiesta 5K.  It was barely 40 degrees, which isn’t exactly something that my Fibromyalgia agrees with, but we toughed it out with 7,998 other people who were waiting to step up to the starting line.  The music was blasting, the DJ was cracking jokes and I was excited to get going.  Team “D.W.A.R.F.F. Awareness” sure lived up to their name (Dancing, Walking and Running For Fibromyalgia Awareness).

When we first talked about the 5K I told Matt I wanted to beat my run time from 2008 of 42 minutes.  He agreed it would be possible and has been training with me to ensure that it happened.  This morning I managed to run each mile in about 13 minutes and did squash my last run time!  When I proposed this idea it was to get my head back into the game and remind myself that I’m can still do things.  My diagnosis of Fibro was one that made me smile as I finally knew what was going on, but being an active person it made me feel as if I was losing myself.  This morning was a reminder that I’m still me deep down inside.  Although the recovery time is a little longer now then it used to be, I still had it in me.

In purple from head to toe for my support of Fibro, Matt and I crossed the finish line hand-in-hand smiling the whole way.  It’s just 6 weeks from now that we’ll be facing the Disney Princess Half Marathon and this Sunday we start pushing our training so I’ll be able to get through that.  I have no race time goal for the next run as just completing it is one of the biggest accomplishments in my world.  The next six weeks will be tough, but I’m excited and ready for the challenge!


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