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Headlines That Will Take You By Surprise

Offensive shrubbery is worthy of being headline news? Unemployment rates are still in the tank, the world is continually in an uproar, it’s an election year and yet I still am finding the craziest of headlines that are unrelated to the afore-mentioned topics. Believe it or not, but a 53-year-old man in England is at war with his local town council because of his shrubbery. Apparently his neighbors are complaining that his topiary, which has been shaped the same way for the last eight years, is offensive to them. Am I the only one that realizes this avid gardener must have one heck of a sense of humor?

Thanks to Cater News Agency for the photo

Thanks to Cater News Agency for the photo

After eight years I am impressed that only one neighbor has voiced their offensive concerns and that it was not done until recently. Can you imagine what he must do with holiday lights and this topiary during the month of December? Just when I thought that the news couldn’t get any more strange I stumble upon this man who has been dubbed as the “Cathedral Licker” according to Caters News.

This guy makes the gardener look like he is totally sane. The “Cathedral Licker” has traveled 5,000 miles to ensure that he can give every Anglican cathedral in England a good lick. Apparently this is all because a friend of his bet him that he couldn’t get his slobbery touch on every Anglian cathedral in the UK during a five-year period.

Thanks to Caters News Agency for the photo

Thanks to Caters News Agency for the photo

I’m not sure what they were under the influence of that night, but this guy took the challenge and never looked back. This goes way past the five second rule and straight to gross. On the other hand, it’s made me think that my sense of humor is way more suited for the UK.

Right here in the good ol’ United States you can have your mortgage paid for if you are willing to cover your house in advertisements for one year. Apparently a California advertising agency is willing to pay your mortgage payments in order to increase their advertising space. Godialing (formerly Adzookie), the company offering this enticing program, is accepting applications from homeowners who need help paying their bills.

Thanks to the Godialing site for the photo

Thanks to the Godialing site for the photo

I’ll tell you what, that’s one way to put your home to work in these rough economic times. Godialing only asks that the homeowners allow the company to decorate their home with social media icons and other forms of company logos. In exchange the company will pay for the mortgage for every month that the house remains painted. I dig the fact that if for any reason your cancel after three months or Godailing cancels the agreement then they repaint your house back to the original colors.

The company is even willing to work with website owners. Apparently they will give a $1,000 credit that the homeowner can spend on advertising their business on smartphones. Not a bad deal. I know we haven’t finished or home buying process yet, but I wonder how my boyfriend would feel about me registering us for this? I get the feeling that the Homeowners Association would frown upon something like this, but I’ll sure as heck check to see if I can make this happen. Who doesn’t want a little help with their first year of mortgage payments?


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My Mother; The Blogging “Expert”

Acquiring blog readers is hard.  Simple as that.  At times, the vast technological universe that many of us partake in can make it difficult to attract those that are the target audience you are searching for.  However, that involves you actively trying to attract an audience.  When I started this blog back in January of 2011 it was for me to share experiences that were taking place at work, at home and within my day-to-day structure.  I’ve blogged about my divorce, my job changes, working with other managers, fashion, sewing, dating, dancing, running and living with Fibromyalgia just to name a few of the most popular topics.

I started the blog as a way for me to get things off my chest that I wasn’t able to openly talk about until people started mentioning my blog.  Placing links to my blog on my personal Facebook was a way for me to share with my friends and family what I was going though.  During my marriage I lost touch with many people and have been trying to rebuild those relationships ever since.  I thought that maybe if people had an opportunity to see all the pandemonium that was going on in my brain they would understand what had been going on when we lost touch.

Outside of my circle of friends it never occurred to me that there might be others out there that are interested in hearing about my sewing projects or management techniques.  Who knew that my stories of being a 21st Century Gal would be that interesting to others?  Oh yes, that’s right…my mother!  Even at 29 it is still hard to admit that my mother is almost always right.  See what I did there with the “almost” part?  I’m sure there is something out there she might not be right about; such as biomechanical engineering or space travel.

It was my mother who started blogging before me and has shared her tips and tricks, so I guess I haven’t acquired these readers all on my own.  I might make management sound amusing, but you should see what my mom can do with the topic of cancer.  Never thought I could be laughing about cancer, but that’s how things work under her roof.  Anything and everything has the potential of being funny.  I’ll tell you what, it is rough knowing that as a teenager but quite amusing when you finally grow up and realize your parents aren’t as uncool as you once thought.

Thanks mom for sharing yet another life lesson with me.  Check out her blog, The World According to Alexandra, if you’re looking for a good laugh.  She even makes bodily functions funny instead of shamefully disgusting.  Thank you to my readers who stop back regularly.  For those of you who are just lurkers I invite you to subscribe to my blog and stick around for a bit.  There are some big changes on the horizon and I can be you won’t want to miss out on them.


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To Tweet Or Not To Tweet…

With my grandmother joining Facebook and getting an email account all in the same week, it’s come to my attention that I’m slipping behind the times.  My mother and step-dad regularly Tweet like others in our family and I think it might just be time that I join Twitter before my grandmother beats me to it.  I’ve been looking for a way to branch out and give my blog a chance for more exposure and I’m starting to think this might be a way to do so.

The bad news is that I’m going to have to get a Twitter tutorial from my parents…so much for being the cutting edge child!  I know a lot of my fellow bloggers take advantage of the Twitter universe, but I would love to know what you really think about it.  Did it increase your subscriber base?  Is it a good way to connect with other bloggers that you regularly follow?  Please share your stories as I consider embarking on this new area of the digital universe.


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The Liebster Award

I have to take a moment today and extend a very generous thank you to Ginger Ray of DailyLifeWithFibromyalgia for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

“This award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers, as a way to encourage them, as well as spread love around the community.  It also shares appreciation for fellow bloggers and the wonderful work they do.”

I can’t express my gratitude enough to Ginger Ray for considering me for something like this.  I started this blog as I was tackling a difficult time in my life and I am moved that others have found the topics I touch on to be entertaining and / or informative.

I tend to tackle everything from relationships, to management techniques, to running and now sewing.  I’ve got a very broad range of experiences and interests and I think my blog is a shining example of that.  I greatly appreciate the support of my fellow bloggers that I have received over the last year and half of my blogging journey.  In an effort to spread the wealth I wish to nominate the following 5 blogs for the Liebster Award as well:

The World According to Alexandra

Growing Up Senge

Have You Met Ken?

Under The Tea Cozy

The Dancing Runner

Congratulations everyone and keep up the good work!


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Katie Holmes, Thank You

Katie Holmes, you deserve a round of applause for taking a stand and doing what you felt was right for the best interest of your daughter!  We’ve all watched on from the outside as photos and rumors have swept around for years about the good, the bad and the recently ugly side of the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise relationship.  This divorce has most definitely brought Scientology to the forefront of the news, but that’s not what I want to focus on.

Instead of pointing out all of the traditions and beliefs that many whom are not Scientologists are now questioning, I would like to hone in on Katie’s decision.  As someone who made the decision several years ago to admit that my marriage needed to end, I am proud that despite everything Katie knew would come forward she stood strong and strategically move forward with her plan.  She did what she felt to be important to protect her daughter and herself in the miserable process that is known as a divorce.

When I see photos of Katie and Suri out enjoying all that NYC has to offer it reminds me of my mom and I when we first relocated to New York after my parents divorced.  They both look relaxed, happy and genuinely enjoying some mother / daughter bonding time without any concern for the paparazzi storm that is swirling around them.  I know on the other side of this is a parent who’s world is crumbling apart, but it is hard for me to not recognize how empowered Katie looks when you see her smiling and living her life proudly with her daughter by her side.

As all kinds of crazy items about Tom’s religious beliefs have been brought to lift, I’m still amazed that their entire divorce process took only eleven days!  I’m sure with a child involved there were terms and visitation conditions that they went back and forth about, but I’m proud of Katie for doing what she felt she needed to do for the best future for her daughter (in her eyes at least).  It just proves that we each have a strong gal waiting to break out and stand up for what we feel is right no matter what might come from it.

While I’m sure there is no reason that Katie Holmes would be reading this, or even cares my opinion during the very big life change she is undergoing, I still felt it was important to put it out there in the universe that she’s reminded me that standing up for what I feel is best is still the right thing to do.  Thank you Katie!  Thank you for being a strong, now single, mother and reminding me that we all have the same potential inside of us.  Continue to be a shining example to us all and keep on smiling with that adorable young lady of yours.  Your future ahead is as bright as Suri’s smile!


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Those Were The Days

After a rather rough day at work recently I called my mom on the way home and as soon as she picked up the phone I blurted out something similar to the following:  “Remember when my most challenging decision of the day was whether to eat the cinnamon pop tart or the smores pop tart?  Ya, I miss those days?”  Mom just laughed and told me it would all be alright.

I do miss those days.  In retrospect I now realize how things were so simple.  Now I face decisions that are much more stressful and can throw my whole world for a loop.  In March we started looking at homes to purchase.  Oh, now that’s stressful!  I’ve never had problems saying yes to a rental, but a home for purchase is a whole different story.  Then there is the daily stress of work and the stress of trying to keep up with friends as our schedules all keep getting busier.

ImageRunning is nice and peaceful, but I’ll admit that even that causes some stress in my life.  When I think about how much time I’ll need to run a few days a week then I realize how that is time that I’m not spending cleaning the house, cooking dinner or making sure Coda is getting attention.  Things were easier when decisions revolved around overly sugared breakfast choices and I’m not ashamed to admit I wish that it could all be that easy again.

I’ve let myself keep getting sucked back into a stressful state and it’s time to do something about it.  I can’t do anything about how long the home buying process will take, so it’s time to stop worrying about it.  We’ll get the house if it is meant to be or we won’t and we’ll go back to looking.  I’m putting everything in the hands of fate.  I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason, so now it is time to stop worrying about what happens before I lose my sanity.

Instead I’m going to take on some more peaceful DIY crafting projects to distract myself.  With the coupons I used on my last projects I paid only about a third of what I would have paid to buy the dresses.  That seems totally worth the time and effort to me.  Looks like it is time to search the pattern catalogs to see what will be my next targeted creation.  The infinity dress was so easy I feel like nothing can stop me now.  That was the perfect project to get me back into the swing of things.  I’ll post pictures soon of the second dress I wore just recently to a more formal function.

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As Friends Transition

Have you looked at a friend of yours and wondered at what point you stopped having anything in common that you could talk about?  That moment just happened to me within the last month.  I actually questioned what prompted a friend to text message me out of the clear blue after barely speaking to me over the last 4 years.  Since it was via text message I cannot be sure of my friend’s reaction, but I can guess that it didn’t cause a warm fuzzy feeling.

It was at this moment that I realized we don’t have anything in common anymore and we probably haven’t in a very long time.  Quite a while a ago we both went in our own separate directions and have changed very much since then.  I started thinking about when we crossed paths in the last few years and realized that we lost the ability to even be able to understand each other’s point of reference in conversations.  Our lives have become so different that essentially it is like talking to a whole different person.

It made me consider if I was the only person who has felt this way.  When do you acknowledge that you’ve grown apart from a friend and become just acquaintances?  Do you even acknowledge something like that out loud?  Considering I know that the internet is a vast space this blog is publicly available on, I’m going to assume that this friend may stumble upon this at any point in time after it has been published.  Therefore, I don’t mean this to be rude or insulting but I am wondering where we lost touch?  Maybe it was the very different paths we decided to pursue or even the things we learned along the way.  I guess it is possible that others who became involved in our lives along the way could have had something to do with it as well.

I’m not sure when it happened or what caused it, but I do know I barely know this person any more.  We have completely different lives, interests, and goals.  I can’t remember the last time we had a conversation in person that was about anything actually meaningful.  To be blunt, I’m not even exactly sure why this person keeps my phone number in their cell phone at this point.  I have a few other friends I met around the same time and even in the same settling.  We’ve all been there for one another in times of need.  Those friends and I have laughed together, cried together and made stupid (but funny) decisions together.  We all still text and speak frequently about everything from serious life decisions to ice cream recommendations.  However, this other friend took a right turn without me somewhere along the way and became an acquaintance.

As someone who has only a few friends that are kept close, it’s hard for me to admit that a friend has turned into an acquaintance but I think it’s time to be honest.  Our friendship transitioned a long time ago and I may never understand why but I know you are once again onto another adventure and I wish you nothing but the best.  Maybe one day our paths will cross again and we’ll remember exchange a warm “hello,” but I think it’s safe to say that we’ve grown apart.  Enjoy each moment of your journey through life and thrive in the opportunities that come your way.


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