Headlines That Will Take You By Surprise

Offensive shrubbery is worthy of being headline news? Unemployment rates are still in the tank, the world is continually in an uproar, it’s an election year and yet I still am finding the craziest of headlines that are unrelated to the afore-mentioned topics. Believe it or not, but a 53-year-old man in England is at war with his local town council because of his shrubbery. Apparently his neighbors are complaining that his topiary, which has been shaped the same way for the last eight years, is offensive to them. Am I the only one that realizes this avid gardener must have one heck of a sense of humor?

Thanks to Cater News Agency for the photo

Thanks to Cater News Agency for the photo

After eight years I am impressed that only one neighbor has voiced their offensive concerns and that it was not done until recently. Can you imagine what he must do with holiday lights and this topiary during the month of December? Just when I thought that the news couldn’t get any more strange I stumble upon this man who has been dubbed as the “Cathedral Licker” according to Caters News.

This guy makes the gardener look like he is totally sane. The “Cathedral Licker” has traveled 5,000 miles to ensure that he can give every Anglican cathedral in England a good lick. Apparently this is all because a friend of his bet him that he couldn’t get his slobbery touch on every Anglian cathedral in the UK during a five-year period.

Thanks to Caters News Agency for the photo

Thanks to Caters News Agency for the photo

I’m not sure what they were under the influence of that night, but this guy took the challenge and never looked back. This goes way past the five second rule and straight to gross. On the other hand, it’s made me think that my sense of humor is way more suited for the UK.

Right here in the good ol’ United States you can have your mortgage paid for if you are willing to cover your house in advertisements for one year. Apparently a California advertising agency is willing to pay your mortgage payments in order to increase their advertising space. Godialing (formerly Adzookie), the company offering this enticing program, is accepting applications from homeowners who need help paying their bills.

Thanks to the Godialing site for the photo

Thanks to the Godialing site for the photo

I’ll tell you what, that’s one way to put your home to work in these rough economic times. Godialing only asks that the homeowners allow the company to decorate their home with social media icons and other forms of company logos. In exchange the company will pay for the mortgage for every month that the house remains painted. I dig the fact that if for any reason your cancel after three months or Godailing cancels the agreement then they repaint your house back to the original colors.

The company is even willing to work with website owners. Apparently they will give a $1,000 credit that the homeowner can spend on advertising their business on smartphones. Not a bad deal. I know we haven’t finished or home buying process yet, but I wonder how my boyfriend would feel about me registering us for this? I get the feeling that the Homeowners Association would frown upon something like this, but I’ll sure as heck check to see if I can make this happen. Who doesn’t want a little help with their first year of mortgage payments?


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