I’m The First To Admit I Have A Problem

I think I’m addicted. Yes, I’ll be open and admit I have a problem. I often think about it when I’m at home by myself and have trouble shaking it out of my mind. HGTV and the DIY stations are taking over my life! My name is Alexis and I’m a home improvement show junkie. Whew, I feel better.

I can’t get enough of Yard Crashers and House Crashers. A few weeks ago my wonderful boyfriend went off to work for an 11 hour day of work and for 8 of those 11 hours I watched home improvement shows. That left me only three hours to tackle all of the chores I had planned to do that day and turned our home into an Olympic house cleaning sport. I can’t seem to watch just one episode. One becomes two, which becomes three and the next thing I know eight hours have gone by.

I have so many ideas about what we could do with our future home that I don’t even know where to start. I’ve constructed and reconstructed my plans for each room. There are too many options! The good news is that we won’t have the money to make any big improvements any time soon, so maybe by then I’ll narrow down all of my ideas. However, I get the feeling that once I merge them with Matt’s ideas we’ll never be able to decide what to do.

Recently, at about mile 3 of our 6 mile run Matt admitted that he got sucked into watching home improvement shows on his day off and I started to feel a little less guilty. That was until he started telling me about all the cool renovations he saw and then the list of options just continued to grow. By mile 4 all of the episodes were starting to blur together, but it was one awesome idea after another. Just once I need to see an episode where they demo the house and in the end are completely unable to put it all back together. I think that is what it would take to break my addiction. If they didn’t make it all look so easy I wouldn’t even think all these home improvement projects were obtainable.

I need to see them put in a fire pit and accidentally blow up the whole back yard. I would settle for them installing a new waterfall of shower faucets and flood the whole downstairs of the house. Maybe even something as simple as a new countertop installation in a kitchen that accidentally rips apart the cabinets below. Otherwise, my only option is going to be to disconnect our cable as it appears that my addiction has slowly become Matt’s. Hide the power tools or we’ll be in trouble!


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