Expedition Everest Challenge Conquered!

I’m a little behind on my update, but just a little over 2 weeks ago team “D.W.A.R.F.F. Awareness” participated in the Expedition Everest Challenge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It’s an experience I would highly recommend to anyone interested in a night of fun.

*Sorry for the photo quality on these. The only cameras we had were the one’s on our phones.*

The challenge consists of a 5K race with a few obstacles sprinkled throughout it and then a scavenger hunt throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom at night.  Once crossing the finish line you get to enjoy a few extra hours in the park to celebrate your accomplishment with fellow racers and a crazy cast of character friends.

Of all the races thus far this was by far the one that I was looking forward to the most (and not just because it was only 3.1 miles).  It was a really exciting experience.  Matt’s motivating pace managed to help me shave quite a bit of time off of my usual run times.  We crossed the finish line for the 5K just a few seconds before the 36 minute mark and for me that is a HUGE accomplishment.

The medal was really cool.  After running the Princess Half Marathon with me, I’m sure Matt was glad that this medal is a bit more manly.  It has a fully functioning compass incorporated into it.  He was like a boy scout playing with the medal while we waited in line to ride Expedition Everest.  It seemed like the natural choice after conquering the challenge.  I fully recommend this event to anyone just starting out with the Run Disney events.  It’s fun, gives you a good taste of the atmosphere these events have, and you only have to make it through 3.1 miles.

Next up for us will be the Tower of Terror 10 Miler in September.  Right now I’m adjusting to running in Florida in the summer.  When I started training last year it was already starting to cool down, so running in the thicker humidity and higher temperatures has been a big adjustment.  I’m bound to not let it deter me.  Now that Matt’s helped me to decrease my per mile time, I’m really looking forward to seeing how my time improves for the 10 miler.  This is where I cross my fingers and hope for my knee to hold itself together while I take on another longer race.  I know I’ll have Matt there by my side cheering me on, or holding me up, so I’m eager to get back out there and take on another challenge.  I’m fighting like hell through my Fibromyalgia challenges and refusing to give up!


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