Let Your White Flag Fly Proudly

It seems like most work locations are trying to keep up with the “do more with much less” outlook on business by delegating much more to each worker.  How do you keep up with your workload?  It’s a hard question to tackle.  I’ve watched many of my friends with a strict work ethic face this recently and it is time to admit that I’m facing this situation as well.  For those with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working through their pregnancy, I will say I have the utmost respect for your drive.  You continue handling your job while trying to not slow down in the least.  For others who I’ve watched battle medical issues that are slowly tearing them down, more power to you for refusing to let it win and keep you from the job you love.

It is difficult to speak up and say that you need assistance when you have a fast paced job.  It’s even harder when needing assistance is due to your battle with a health problem.  Delegating tasks, that you don’t want to give up but have no choice, can be a tough decision to make.  Now I understand where many of you are coming from.  I appreciate that I was a part of your process along the way.  Now, it is helping me make decisions about how to handle my job.

Whether you’re overwhelmed and over stressed or just needing to take a step back for the sake of your health, there is a point at which you need to voice your concerns.  It has taken me a long time to figure out that I wasn’t admitting weakness by saying, “I’ve taken on too much.”   In my pursuit to please those around me, I have learned that it is seen as a sign of diligence and is respected if you can handle the situation with class.  However, learning how to handle it can be the true challenge.

I think it depends on your employer, but I’ve found that expressing your concerns to the correct person above you can get the ball rolling.  Make sure your concerns are concise and that they don’t include any whining.  If you’ve taken on too much then there is no shame in admitting it.  Just remember that you’re bringing these details forward because you want to make sure that you continue to produce top quality products and you’re worried that the immense workload is going to reduce your level of quality.  You’ll be showing your upper management your professionalism and respect for the company if you can express your concerns correctly.  It’s time to waive your white flag, so be brave and take the first steps out towards regaining control over your sanity and/or health.



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2 responses to “Let Your White Flag Fly Proudly

  1. Andy

    Another very important issue is once you have reduced your workload to a manageable level. When the time comes that new projects are handed to you, an eagerness to accept new work is important for the employer to see. But also to keep your work manageable, that is the time to discuss which projects to move around so you can accept this new, exciting project the boss has brought to you.

    Very nice time management issue you have brought up!!!

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