It’s A Matter Of Jacket Equality

Okay jacket manufacturers you win!  Obviously you are in cahoots with handbag manufacturers and I get it.  This is something I picked up on a long time ago, but it has taken me until now to start waving my white flag.  Can we have a truce or do you insist on continuing to torture me well into the future?  Do you understand how your little “pocket game” is inconveniencing others?  You may think that you have won because I have been trying unsuccessfully for years to beat you at your little game.  However, those around me do not appreciate having to pick up your slack.

All I am asking is for one measly inside pocket.  You make them for men’s jackets, so I know it is possible.  Why can’t any of my coats have one as well?  Men have 3-5 pockets in a jacket and I’m lucky if I get 2.  Why is that?  I have much more stuff to carry then a guy.  Has it ever crossed your mind that I do not wish to always carry a bag with me?  Maybe I want to have both hands free, without having to rock the “across the body strap” look, so I can shop or interact with others freely.  Although there are plenty of trendy purse choices out there, I just don’t want to be bogged down with holding it at all times.  I admit I like a stylish purse and have a few, but that is not an admission of not needing an interior pocket like my male counterparts.

Gals, it’s time we unite and stand up for our right to bear a lip gloss inside of our jackets where it won’t slide out and onto the floor every time we sit down.  It’s time we take a stand against forcing others to carry stuff for us so we don’t have to cram it into the tiny pockets in our pants.  It’s time that we show these jacket manufacturers who’s boss and stand up for our much needed 3” x4” strip of additional fabric that would solve all our problems.  Who’s with me?  Hello?  Bueller…Bueller…Anyone?  Seriously,  am I the only one who thinks about the convenience of added interior jacket pockets?  Fine.  Continue on with your adorable purses, but one day you too will tire of having the burden of a bag and flip over to my side.  It might not be today, but rest assured I will continue hoping that jacket companies come around.



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3 responses to “It’s A Matter Of Jacket Equality

  1. I swear, this has never actually crossed my mind, but now that you bring it up… I do get excited every time I buy a jacket that has a useful pocket (inside or out), but it has never occurred to me that this is something that is missing from stylish ladies wear. I mean, I bet you’d find plenty of practical pockets in sensible “mom” brands, but who says stylish ladies wouldn’t also like to be sensible?!? I really only NEED to carry a few things (iPhone, credit card case, lip gloss), but it is surprisingly hard to find room on one’s person. So I end up carrying a way bigger bag than I need, stuffed full of stuff I don’t need, or squeezing everything into a teeny tiny “dress-up” bag.

    Thanks for pointing this out… or no, thanks, because now it’s going to bother me constantly! How do we revolt???

    • You are exactly right. All we would like is just enough space to carry those few things (iPhone, credit card case, lip gloss) without having to carry a purse or make our boyfriend/husband carry them for us. I don’t know if there is a way to revolt against this. We generally own more jackets then our male counterparts because we get cold easily, so they know we will still purchase jackets whether they add the extra pockets or not. Someone pointed out to me that because our jackets are tapered that it would look odd to have an inside pocket. However, I think there is still some kind of a compromise. For goodness sake, if skin tight running pants for women have a pocket in the back of them for a house key, credit card and lip gloss then why can’t jackets? That’s all I’m saying.

  2. Ken

    I believe I’m going to start the revolt on behalf of the men. I’m tired of pulling out my girlfriends articles from my pockets in public. Its like I’m controlling what she can have!

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