Dream Trip…Priceless?

How do you not use a coupon when you purchase things?  Last month for my birthday my amazing boyfriend surprised me with my dream trip to Wrigley Field.  I was so overwhelmed with joy that I cried while jumping up and down screaming like a crazy gal.  You would have thought I just won the lottery based upon my response.  He just laughed and, when I finally quit jumping around, hugged me as tight as he could.  Since then we’ve been slowly planning what else we would do while we are in Chicago.  Afternoon game at Wrigley…check!  Tickets to see a musical…check!  Morning tour of Wrigley…check.  Those were no brainers, but I decided to not worry about the rest of the trip until we got a bit closer.  Being a frequent user of Groupon and Livingsocial, I have been checking both apps every day in search of fun things to do.  Then it dawned on, I’m obsessed with being able to save money and I am letting it dictate what we’ll do while we are on vacation.

A few days ago a Groupon for a local fondue joint in Chicago came up and, since I’ve never had that kind of an experience before, I scooped up the coupon.  By the end of that night I had made reservations for two in a booth, since I read reviews saying the tables are very close together, for a dinner that is four months away.  Does that make me crazy?  How could I pass up the chance to experience a 4-course fondue dinner for the first time when we would only pay $25 for $60 worth of ooey gooey fun?  Then came the coupon for 2 to go to a glass blowing class in Chicago.  Um, yes please!  Before I could scoop it up it was sold out and I was broken hearted.  Helllllloooooooo?  Anyone home up there?  Apparently my brain seemed to translate “sold out coupon” to “no chance to experience glass blowing” and I didn’t even look into what the regular price would be.  On one side is a boyfriend telling me we can do anything I want in Chicago if I just tell him what I want.  Yet I seem to not be able to find things for us to do unless I can attach a coupon to it.

I think I need a crash course in making my own dreams come true even if I don’t have a coupon to support it.  After all, I don’t remember Cinderella having a Groupon for one ticket to the ball.  I have worked so hard to get myself out of debt like most other Americans.  My coupon addiction might be contributed to my fear of incurring debt again.  Just when I think I am the only one battling something like this, TLC so appropriately plays a commercial about people who are addicted to cutting coupons for every purchase they make.  I should have been shocked, but when I saw a woman get $350 worth of food at the grocery store for only $43.00 I actually became envious.  Quick!  Grab the scissors before I beat you to them!


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