“It’s Hip to be Square”…And Apparently Now Overly Confident And Pompous

This week’s blog is more of a “trend of the week” kind of experience.  In the last week I have gone through several moments that left me wondering when it became acceptable for people to be so overly confident that they become pompous, cocky individuals.  Is this a social trend that has occurred recently or am I just now catching up on it?

My mom sent me a link to an article about insane rider requests that stars have when they are booked for appearances.  I’ve heard rumors about stars who want you to separate their M&Ms, but now I’m seeing examples that perplex me.  If Sting or Streisand want a greenroom covered with white orchids (not saying they do) then so be it because they have had successful careers.  In Sting’s case he is still putting out CDs in this century and Barbara more than paved a fruitful path for herself through the years.

However, what is with washed up celebrities and their crazy requests?  Do they think they are the Pope?  If you are playing a generic catering convention at a local hotel one night and then a theme park the following evening, don’t complain about the accommodations at the theme park being sub-par because you’re “a star.”  Newsflash, you’re a washed up entertainer from the past that played a catering convention the night before.  I hope you were lucky enough to score some free food out of it.

Likewise, if you are a twenty-something out around town trying to convince gals that you’re the best thing since sliced bread, then realize not all of us care what you drive, wear, or dropped way too much money on earlier in the day.  Unfortunately all my experiences this week occurred with guys.  I am sure there are plenty of overly confident and pompous gals out there.  Although I wouldn’t associate myself with them, I am aware that this is not just something that guys do.  For the sake of this blog, please excuse me gentlemen while I continue to rant about your gender.

If you want to be that guy who is perched against the bar all night long with your Bentley key fob in your hand to start conversations, then so be it.  However, don’t expect the classy intelligent gals to be the one drooling over you all night.  We’ll be on the other side of the bar laughing at the girls who can’t walk in their stilettos and who are fighting over your attention.  If some guys would just open their eyes to reality they would understand that good, quality girls have different interests.

We’re not all interested in material items.  Yes, it doesn’t stink to be able to live comfortably, but you don’t need to throw it my face to get my interest.  How about you approach me and talk to me while looking me in the eyes.  I’ll tell you what, that gains a lot more of my respect and gives you better chance at a second date.  While some guys I know have proven that they clearly believe the only way to win a gal over is by pompously parading around their big ticket items.  I have recently realized that they are the ones that are always single and looking for the next Mrs. Fill-in-the-blank.

Whether you’re a washed up star from the 80s or a mid-twenties guy around town, it’s time to take a reality check.  Living the way you have thus far is why you are stuck where you are.  I think it’s time to make a change especially if either group wants respect from a 21st century gal of today.


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  1. Love it! Count me in as a 20th century gal who completely agrees. After all, those washed up old celebraties were the pompous young guys of my time.

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