Maybe Men Should Ask “What Would The Fonz Do?”

I have watched multiple forms of technology evolve over my life span.  From computers to gaming systems, and even the electronics offered within a vehicle, technology keeps changing each day and it is usually for the better.  On the other hand, it seems as if the art of “wooing” took a tragic turn for the worst at some point and has almost completely disappeared.

I can now purchase a car that can drive itself, access an unlimited amount of information at the drop of a hat via the internet, and one astronaut even got to be Skyped into the delivery room to watch his wife give birth.  However, if I go out at night dressed to the nines, the best attempt at wooing I might receive from a man today is a sub-par, over-priced drink (on a good night).  Then, an offer to go onto the dance floor so he can rub up on me in front of hundreds of others with the same idea.  Someone please tell me when did men suddenly believe that wooing was a dead art form that should no longer be used?

Within the last year I discovered that there are still a few gentlemen out there that know how to court and woo a gal.  “How?” you might ask.  My boyfriend patiently courted me and pulled out all the stops on his journey of winning me over.  Even in my jaded, post-failed marriage state he managed to make me realize that this is an experience all women should get to go through.   Forget accepting a guy as “perfect,” (and I use that term very loosely) just because he opened one door at some point on your first date.  Screw that!  Have someone open EVERY door he beats you to-for over a year.  It shouldn’t just be something that occurs on first dates or Valentine’s Day.  It’s time that women expect more because it is what we traditionally give back to those we are interested in.

Think of it this way, when people wanted to boycott the oil leak in the gulf, they stopped using BP’s services until the leak was stopped.  Customers saw the reaction they wanted from the company.  Why not try that on today’s men?  Seriously!  Boycott their bad habits and behaviors.  They shouldn’t have what they want until they are willing to give us what we deserve.

You want guys to wear their jeans so that we don’t have to see their boxers hanging out?  You want men to put the effort into a relationship that we do?  You want a man to make you feel special and woo you into dating him?  Just stop accepting less as being all right.  Saggy drawers wouldn’t be a trend if women swore off men who dressed in this manner.  Crappy relationships wouldn’t exist if we didn’t let them continue on in that manner; hence my divorce.  Men would learn how to court women again if that was what it took for them to earn a spot in our lives.  It’s what Wally and the Beav had to do, so why should it be any different now?



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2 responses to “Maybe Men Should Ask “What Would The Fonz Do?”

  1. I am so happy for you. I wish you could have learned the lesson easier, but I’m glad you’re spreading the word. We’re both lucky that we finally found a couple of “keepers”.

  2. You have discovered the secret

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